Meerkats: The Ultimate Meerkat Book for Kids (Paperback)


The Ultimate Meerkat Book for Kids is an exciting and interactive guide to the incredible world of meerkats! With over 100 fascinating facts, a quiz, and a word search, this book is sure to captivate readers of all ages.

  • Paperback, eBook and Hardcover
  • Suitable for readers aged 9+
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Jenny Kellett

Jenny Kellett was born in the UK but has spent the last 20 years in Australia. Her background as a journalist and her studies in geography are the inspiration behind her popular series of non-fiction books for children and adults. Learn more about your favourite topics, from cats and sloths to motivational quotes and mindfulness in a fun and interactive way.

I loved reading this book and learning more about this animal. There are great facts and photos. Not just a book for kids.

Jodie Loves Huskies — Amazon Verified Review


Discover the Wonderful World of Meerkats!

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of meerkats, a place where curiosity meets adventure. In The Ultimate Meerkat Book for Kids, we’ve curated a journey that promises to be both fun and enlightening. Each page unveils aspects of these tiny desert wonders that you might never have known before.

Did you know meerkats are part of the mongoose family? Or that they stand on their hind legs to look out for danger? With over 100 facts, we dive deep into their world. From their diet to their complex social dynamics, there’s so much to uncover.

Highlights include:

  • 100+ Fascinating Meerkat facts.
  • An engaging Meerkat Quiz to test your knowledge.
  • A Meerkat Word Search for added fun.
  • Multiple formats—paperback, ebook and hardcover.
  • Vivid photos that bring the content to life.

Our book caters to readers aged 9 and above. But here’s a secret: age is just a number when it comes to learning. So, whether you’re a young reader eager to discover or an adult with an insatiable curiosity, there’s something for you here.

Besides the allure of the meerkats themselves, our book stands out for its interactive elements. The quiz at the end ensures readers remember and engage with what they’ve learned. And who doesn’t love a good word search? It’s the perfect blend of education and entertainment.

Although titled for kids, adults will find it hard to resist the pull of this book. The images leap off the page, and the facts delve into the very heart of meerkat existence. Their behaviors, habitats, and daily challenges are all laid out in an easy-to-understand manner.

So, if you’ve ever been fascinated by the animal kingdom or simply love a good read, The Ultimate Meerkat Book for Kids should be your next pick.

Before you go, don’t forget to check our enlightening blog post: “Meerkat Myths Debunked“. Dive deeper, learn more, and embrace the wonders of the animal world today!

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