Short Stories about Cats in Intermediate German


Get your daily dose of cuteness and improve your German skills with ‘Short Stories About Cats for Intermediate German Learners.’ This book features a collection of engaging and heartwarming tales that are perfect for cat lovers and German language learners alike. With vocabulary and grammar suitable for intermediate learners, you’ll be able to practice your reading comprehension and expand your language skills while enjoying stories about our feline friends.

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Jenny Goldmann

Jenny Goldmann is a lifelong language learner and published author. She speaks three languages, and is currently studying her fourth. Her new series of easy language readers are designed to offer learners stories based on topics they love.


Purr-fect Your German Language Skills with Heartwarming Cat Stories

Do you want a fun, effective method to boost your German? “Short Stories about Cats in Intermediate German” is your answer!

What’s Inside:

  • 15 captivating short stories about cats
  • Tailored for CEFR level B1-B2 learners
  • Quizzes and conversation starters to enhance learning

This book stands out as the ideal pick for cat enthusiasts and those at an intermediate level in German. Dive into 15 heartwarming, amusing, and occasionally quirky tales of our feline pals. Journey with these cats through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, simultaneously enriching your cultural and linguistic knowledge.

Designed for learners at the B1-B2 CEFR level, each story ensures a balance of confidence and challenge. A2 level learners, don’t feel left out! With a dictionary in hand, you can revel in many stories while honing your skills.

Why read in German? It’s a dynamic way to expand your vocabulary, especially regarding idioms and local expressions prevalent in daily chats. More so, these narratives serve as a foundation for grasping German grammar, sentence construction, and syntax nuances.

Each story wraps up with quizzes and interactive prompts, ensuring you grasp the essence. There are tips sprinkled throughout to amplify your learning, emphasizing habits like regular reading, note-taking, and proactive speaking.

For a delightful way to refine your German, “Short Stories about Cats in Intermediate German” is a must-have. Get your copy and embark on a linguistic journey that melds pleasure and learning seamlessly!

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