Short Stories About Cats—Quiz Answers

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easy english readers about cats


Lily’s Trip to the Beach

1. A gold ring.

2. Rachel.

3. True.

Nelly Learns her Lesson

1. A chicken.

2. An owl.

3. False.

Larry Hits the Jackpot

1. He was a hungry street cat.

2. Caviar, smoked salmon, and steak.

3. False.

The Haunted House

1. Snowy.

2. Tiger.

The Unlikely Friendship

1. Cats normally eat mice.

2. Rats in her house.

3. True.

Lulu Flies Away

1.To reach the birds.

2.They thought it was funny.

3. True.

Fluffy the Diva

1. The detective.

2. Best dressed cat.

3. False.

A Lucky Escape

1. In a tiny village.

2. A wide-brimmed hat.

3. False.

The Cat Next Door

1. A kitten.

2. He brought her a beautiful collar.

3. False.

A Galactic Adventure

1. The cats came separately.

2. Mice were stealing their food.

3. True.

Mr. Whiskers and his Marvelous Mustache

1. A suit and tie.

2. A medal.

3. False.

Rascal the Cat Dog

1. Practice his bark.

2. Last.

3. False.

No Problem Panda

1. A broomstick.

2. Last.

3. False.

Moggers’ Special Talent

1. He ate a magic mouse.

2. In a library.

3. True.

Rhyme’s Time to Shine

1. His poetry.

2. Because his rhymes were so perfect.

3. True.

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