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Step into a thrilling mathematical escapade with “Algebra 1: The Mystery of the Algebraic Artifact”! This dynamic guide offers a unique spin on mastering Algebra 1 concepts, making it an excellent supplementary resource for students aged 11-13 (8th-9th grade) and a compelling teaching tool for educators.

  • Formats: Paperback, Hardcover and eBook available.
  • 174 Pages

Jenny Kellett

Jenny Kellett was born in the UK but has spent the last 20 years in Australia. Her background as a journalist and her studies in geography are the inspiration behind her popular series of non-fiction books for children and adults. Learn more about your favourite topics, from cats and sloths to motivational quotes and mindfulness in a fun and interactive way.


Unravel the Mysteries of Algebra 

Step into a thrilling mathematical escapade with “The Mystery of the Algebraic Artifact”! This dynamic guide offers a unique spin on mastering Algebra 1 concepts, making it an excellent supplementary resource for students aged 11-13 (8th-9th grade) and a compelling teaching tool for educators.

A Novel Approach to Learning

easy algebra 1 books

No more wading through old-fashioned, dry textbooks! This book cleverly intertwines vital algebraic ideas into an exciting story that captures students’ attention, making learning a captivating and effortless process. It’s ideal for students who would rather have their nose in a great story than pick up a math textbook.

Essential Algebra 1 Topics Uncovered

Our journey uncovers all the key Algebra 1 concepts that are typically covered in the 9th grade (USA). The 19 exciting chapters delve into:

  • Equations and Expressions
  • Inequalities
  • Linear Functions
  • Exponents and Polynomials
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Systems of Equations
  • Compound Inequalities

Reinforce and Validate Understanding

Each chapter includes a comprehensive review and a carefully selected range of practice problems that reinforce understanding and allow the application of newly gained knowledge in various situations. These end-of-chapter exercises empower students to flex their algebraic muscles and gain confidence in their understanding.

This book is a valuable resource for:

  • 8th-9th graders studying Algebra 1, aiming to supplement their learning with an engaging twist.
  • Parents looking for innovative methods to encourage and support their child’s math education.
  • Teachers in search of an engaging, narrative-driven technique to illuminate algebra concepts.

With “The Mystery of the Algebraic Artifact”, algebra becomes an epic quest filled with adventure and intrigue. Join us as we unlock the wonders of Algebra 1 and make math an exciting mystery to solve! Order your copy through your favorite online bookstore today.

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9 reviews for Algebra 1 Through Stories

  1. Igor Kirko

    This book is unlike any other old-fashioned textbook out there. Its clever integration of algebraic concepts into an exciting story had me hooked from start to finish. The engaging storyline made learning effortless and enjoyable. What’s more, this book is an excellent supplementary resource for students aged 11-13 (8th-9th grade) and a compelling teaching tool for educators. I highly recommend this dynamic guide to anyone looking to master Algebra 1 concepts in an entertaining and unique way.

  2. Will

    The story format really helps a lot of the concepts to feel more engaging. A lot of aspects of algebra are broken down in a way that feels easy to understand. Great for anyone thats learning in school or wants a refresher.

  3. Chriseee

    Algebra, variables, equations, distributive property, two-step equations, fractions, linear functions, exponents, polynomials, quadratic equations, probability, absolute value… Are these all terms that make you want to run away and scream?

    So many kids in school struggle through having to learn Algebra and it often becomes a valley of tears. This book could be the solution for your child. It tells the story of Mia, Leo and Priya who attend Numeria High. They go to school and have adventures with their math teacher Mr. Euler.

    In each chapter, they have an adventure that illustrates a certain subject of Algebra, and they learn together through discussion how to solve the problem. At the end of each chapter, there is a summary of the theory and some exercises.

    Not only a great help for kids, but parents who need to help their child could benefit from a sneak read of this book before sitting down to help with homework.

  4. DJ Reader

    The beginning of this book emphasizes the importance of reading, re-reading, and reflecting. Personally, I found myself pausing to ensure I grasped the practical applications at the end of each chapter. Despite having studied Algebra years ago, I was surprised by how much I had forgotten, realizing I would need to review quite a bit. As a grandparent now, I thoroughly enjoyed the book’s approach to math, which introduced an imaginary land called “Equationopolis” and an imaginative teacher named Mr. Euler.

    The book follows the journey of three intelligent kids, Mia, Leo, and Priya, who enthusiastically explore various algebraic applications. It presents math in a fun and engaging way, making it appealing for young learners. Each chapter includes Practice Problems with practical applications and explanations of the equations and reasoning. I believe this book would be an excellent supplement to the math education of 8th or 9th graders, and it could be particularly valuable for homeschoolers seeking a creative and interactive approach to algebra.

  5. Sam Toka

    I always loved math so I picked this book and it was a very pleasant read. while it covers basics, putting it in the form of a story made it interesting and wanted to keep reading to get to the end.

  6. Reens

    Wow I’ve never read a book like this before. I didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised to read it and find the book full of mathematical concepts weaved into a fictional story. So well designed, cleverly written and creative.

  7. Tu Lai

    Offers an exciting and effective approach to mastering Algebra 1 concepts. Its captivating storytelling, comprehensive coverage of essential topics, and well-designed practice problems make it an invaluable resource for students seeking to strengthen their algebraic skills. By transforming learning into an engaging adventure, this book provides a solid foundation for students to build upon, instilling confidence and paving the way for success in algebra.

  8. ACK

    This book is a great tool for helping to learn algebra. It breaks the space down into different areas and presents each one in a fun and imaginative way. Each chapter has an engaging story and summarizes the key points and provides sample problems and explains the solutions. The problems often present a great context for the student to see how to use the aspect of algebra in life. As a former teacher, I find this book to be a wonderful resource to guide all students whether math is natural to them or not.

  9. Debby

    A genuinely innovative approach to maths, I have never really seen this before. And the stories are not lazy, they’re actually quite well written. The exercises at the end are a great way to end each chapter. Will buy the next book for my brother too. Kudos!

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