Taylor Swift: The Ultimate Fan Book 2023/4

Taylor Swift: The Ultimate Fan Book 2023/4 — learn more about your favorite popstar.

  • Available in paperback and hardcover.
  • Suitable for kids aged 7+.


Taylor Swift: The Ultimate Fan Book 2023/4 is the latest Taylor Swift book on Amazon — fully updated in 2023 to include the latest facts and trivia about your favorite superstar through the engaging world of quizzes. It is a fun-filled interactive book for every Taylor Swift fan. Even if you didn’t get to go to Taylor’s Era’s tour (or perhaps you did!), you’ll be a true Swiftie by the end of this book.

You’ll be able to quiz yourself on all areas of Taylor’s life, including her childhood, career and private life. Find out if you truly are a Taylor Swift fan!

As well as testing your TayTay knowledge, the author has put together bonus facts about Taylor Swift, many of which will surprise you, as well as a crossword, word search and of course, lots of great photos.

Taylor Swift: The Quiz

  • Who is Taylor currently dating?
  • How old was Taylor when she moved to Nashville?
  • Who is Taylor’s BFF from high school?
  • What is the breed of Taylor’s cat Benjamin Button?

You’ll have the chance to answer these questions and over 100 more in this book for kids aged 8-12. How many do you know the answer to? Test yourself as well as your family and friends!

Taylor Facts

  • As well as playing a role in the movie Cats, she co-wrote the film’s main song.
  • Taylor Swift has a private jet worth $40 million.
  • Taylor rode horses competitively until she was 12 years old.

These are just some of the Taylor Swift facts you’ll find in the book.

So if you’re a true Swiftie, grab this book today. Or, treat your Taylor Swift-loving friend or family member to the Taylor Swift: Ultimate Fan Book 2023/4. Ideal for Swifties of all ages and makes for the perfect Christmas present! Order your copy today.

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