Llamas & Alpacas: The Ultimate Alpaca and Llama Book


Discover the exciting and fascinating world of llamas and alpacas. With beautiful photos, 100+ facts, and a species identification guide, you’ll be a lamoid expert in no time.

  • 90 Pages
  • Paperback, Hardcover & eBook
  • Ages 9+


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Jenny Kellett

Jenny Kellett was born in the UK but has spent the last 20 years in Australia. Her background as a journalist and her studies in geography are the inspiration behind her popular series of non-fiction books for children and adults. Learn more about your favourite topics, from cats and sloths to motivational quotes and mindfulness in a fun and interactive way.

What a beautiful book! I didn't realize there was so much I didn't know about llamas and alpacas. My llama obsessed little boy loved all the pictures and fun facts. A real treasure for the animal lover in all of us.

Sunny Days — Amazon Verified Review


Do your kids adore llamas and alpacas?

Well, they’re in for a treat! In The Ultimate Llama and Alpaca Book, author Jenny Kellett offers not just any information, but only the crème de la crème of llama and alpaca facts that kids will absolutely love.

Moreover, this interactive book doesn’t stop at facts. It boasts over 100 mind-blowing tidbits, complemented by gorgeous high-res photos, and to top it all off, there’s a fun quiz thrown into the mix. Consequently, children will find themselves completely engrossed, diving headfirst into the thrilling realm of llamas and alpacas.

Interestingly, in recent years, llamas have not just trotted but galloped into the spotlight of popular culture. They’ve effectively captured and melted the hearts of both youngsters and adults around the globe. So, now’s your chance! Delve deeper, discover more about their origins, get a sneak peek into their daily routines, and unearth a treasure trove of quirky and fascinating facts.

llama book for kidsLlama and Alpaca Facts

Ready to get started? Here’s a teaser:

  • Besides the charming llamas and alpacas we know, did you realize there are two species of non-domesticated lamoids? “Lamoids” is a cool term that groups all critters in this particular family.
  • Ever seen a llama stick out its tongue in a goofy photo? Think again! Llamas have attached tongues, so no silly faces for them!
  • The little ones are always special. Baby llamas and alpacas have a cute name: “crias”, which is Spanish for “baby”.

But wait, there’s more! Dive into this illustrated book, and you’ll uncover these and plenty of other gems. Plus, with over 20 vivid photos of these fluffy wonders, even budding readers will find it captivating. And yes, grown-ups, it’s perfectly tailored for you too! Furthermore, it serves a dual purpose: not only does it entertain, but it also aids in teaching children to read, all while they explore the captivating world of lamoids. Whether you’re on a lengthy road trip or snuggling in for a bedtime story, this book is your go-to. Why wait? Dive in, become a lamoid aficionado, and maybe even inspire a young expert in the making!

Lastly, it’s worth noting that The Ultimate Llama and Alpaca Book is a shining star in our Animal Books for Kids series. Loved this one? Well then, there’s a whole world out there waiting for you. Explore the series and indulge in the animal magic!

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