Short Stories About Dogs in Easy English


Unleash your language-learning potential with “Short Stories About Dogs in Easy English,” an engaging collection of heartwarming tales that help beginners and intermediate readers improve their English while celebrating the incredible bond between humans and dogs.

  • Formats: Paperback, eBook and Hardcover
  • 174 Pages
  • Suitable for all ages

United Kingdom

Jenny Goldmann

Jenny Goldmann is a lifelong language learner and published author. She speaks three languages, and is currently studying her fourth. Her new series of easy language readers are designed to offer learners stories based on topics they love.


“Learn English with Dogs!”

“Short Stories About Dogs in Easy English” offers heartwarming tales that captivate all age groups. Each story shines a light on the human-canine bond. It showcases the loyalty, bravery, and affection dogs share with us.

Book Features:

  • 14 captivating short stories.
  • A helpful glossary of dog terms.
  • Engaging illustrations.
  • Perfect for readers of all ages.
  • Quizzes to test your comprehension.
  • Discussion prompts to enhance your understanding.

If you love dogs or are mastering English, these tales will enchant you. They’re penned in simple English, ideal for beginner and intermediate readers. They allow you to boost your English skills and indulge in entertaining narratives.

You’ll read about courageous dogs saving friends and others that overcome challenges. Furthermore, the charming illustrations vividly depict each story.

In addition to polishing your English, you’ll dive deep into the human-dog relationship. After each chapter, engaging quiz questions and discussion topics await. They ensure you grasp the essence and offer lively debates!

Grab your copy of ‘Short Stories About Dogs in Easy English‘. Ready to elevate your language skills? Dive into this book at home or on-the-move. It promises a universe of wagging tails and heartfelt tales that make you smile. Don’t wait! Order now for a delightful reading journey!


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