3000+ German Conversation Starters for Teachers & Independent Learners


Do you want to take your German to the next level? Order your copy of 3000+ German conversation starters today and be a more confident speaker tomorrow.

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Jenny Goldmann

Jenny Goldmann is a lifelong language learner and published author. She speaks three languages, and is currently studying her fourth. Her new series of easy language readers are designed to offer learners stories based on topics they love.

Really great resource for practicing spoken German!

Josephine G


Be a more confident German speaker!

Are you looking to take your German language skills to the next level? Look no further than “3000+ German Conversation Starters“!

This comprehensive book features over 3000 conversation starters across 50 diverse topics, ranging from languages and climate change to German cuisine and interior design. Whether you’re a teacher seeking creative ways to inspire classroom discussions or an independent learner looking to expand your German vocabulary and improve your speaking skills, this book is the ultimate resource for you.

Suitable for All Levels

Designed for all levels up to advanced speakers, this book is your perfect companion throughout your entire German learning journey. The carefully crafted questions not only encourage you to use new vocabulary, but also provide an opportunity to research the topics in more detail, deepening your understanding of German culture and language.

One of the unique features of this book is that you can answer the same questions again as your German progresses, allowing you to track your language development and see how far you’ve come. It’s also an excellent tool for preparing for German language exams and becoming a more confident speaker.

Have More Interesting Conversations

The conversation starters in this book are a great way to have more interesting conversations and improve your German language skills. They encourage you to use new vocabulary, spark creativity, and provide an excellent opportunity to practice your written German skills.

So, whether you choose to use these prompts alone or with a teacher, “3000+ German Conversation Starters for Teachers and Independent Learners” is the essential tool for improving your German language skills. With its diverse range of topics and carefully crafted questions, this book is guaranteed to make your German language learning journey more engaging and enjoyable. Get your copy today and see your German language skills soar!

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