The Ultimate Owl Book

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Discover the exciting world of owls in this fun and educational book for kids.

  • Paperback, eBook and Hardcover available
  • 102 Pages
  • Ages 9+
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Jenny Kellett

Jenny Kellett was born in the UK but has spent the last 20 years in Australia. Her background as a journalist and her studies in geography are the inspiration behind her popular series of non-fiction books for children and adults. Learn more about your favourite topics, from cats and sloths to motivational quotes and mindfulness in a fun and interactive way.


“A Fact-Filled Journey into the World of Owls!”

Embark on a captivating adventure into the enchanting world of owls with “Owls: The Ultimate Book.” It’s the perfect companion for curious kids aged 9 and up! Designed to delight and inspire young explorers, this owl book for kids is also a treat for adults who share a love for these mysterious, nocturnal creatures.

Written by leading non-fiction author and zookeeper Jenny Kellett, this book answers all the questions you have about the elusive owl.

owl book for kidsInside this owl book for kids, you’ll discover:

  • Owl Fundamentals. Get to know the various owl species, including the snowy owl and the barn owl, their unique features, and the habitats they call home.
  • Fascinating Facts. Uncover the secrets of owls’ remarkable hunting skills, their incredible adaptations, and their intriguing behaviors.
  • Stunning Photography. Marvel at the beauty of these winged wonders through breathtaking, full-color images that capture their grace and majesty.
  • Engaging Activities. Challenge your knowledge with a fun quiz and puzzle to keep young minds entertained and eager to learn more.
  • Conservation Corner. Learn about the importance of owl conservation and the role they play in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

A Hoot for the Whole Family

While “Owls: The Ultimate Book” is designed for kids aged 9+, it’s truly a treasure trove for owl enthusiasts of all ages. Packed with fascinating facts and captivating visuals, this book is sure to spark the imagination of every animal lover.

So, gather the family and dive into this delightful journey that will have you all hooting with excitement as you explore the awe-inspiring world of owls! Order your copy today and unlock the mysteries of these nocturnal guardians.

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6 reviews for The Ultimate Owl Book

  1. Trusted Mumma

    Wow, I’ve always loved owls, but this book showed me so much more about them.
    After reading this book, I’ve decided I would never want to come across a Great Grey Owl in a dark alley -69cm tall!!!
    I especially loved the glorious photographs and extra owl facts.
    I remain in awe of how God created such beautiful and complex bird.

  2. Kay Liz

    Very bright and colorful book. Love all the different Owl pictures, and amazing descriptions of each type. The best book to learn about owls for sure!

  3. Bugwhisker

    This is great for kids or anyone else interested in learning about or expanding their knowledge of owls. There’s a lot to know and Jenny Kellett does a fine job of presenting the information with a lot of color photos of different varieties along with their anatomy, how they communicate, disguise themselves, and breeding. She also discusses owls in art and culture, and in the ecosystem and what we can to do help. There’s also a section of fun facts and a quiz to test what you’ve learned and puzzles for playing fun. She also has written many other books on other animals that are worth checking out.

  4. Whistler

    I love owls but on walks or in the wild, I only hear them. It’s nice to see what they look like with the splendid pictures in this book and find out more about them. There is so much information presented in a style that makes this a great family book. I didn’t realize how many types there are and how extensive they are on the planet. Spoiler—There is a limit to their head spins.

  5. Jamie Bee

    I’ve now read and reviewed several animal books by this author, and every time. I come away with more knowledge about the particular animal and a smile on my face! Even though these books are clearly meant for children, probably between the ages of 8 and 11, even adults can learn from and enjoy these books. The author is a zookeeper, and she has a natural talent for sharing information in an easy to understand and enjoyable way. Plus, she picks magnificent pictures to highlight the particular animal. I had no clue there are so many species of beautiful owls out there! She doesn’t shy away from sharing the scientific information and using complex words, but she does so in an easy to grasp way, making it a pleasure to learn from the books. Even though these guides are relatively short, she packs a lot into them, including information about different species, life cycle, anatomy, and the animal “in action.” In this book, we even learn about how (and why) owls communicate and even about how owls have come to mean much in human culture.

    I like how in every book in this series she discusses how the animal is doing in terms of endangerment, and unfortunately, owls are quite in danger, with 30% of their species being so because of human changes in habitat, pesticide use, and global warming. But the author is not doom and gloom. She always includes a short section about what the reader, even a child, can do to help support conservation.

    There are so many fun facts here—both as separate facts and woven throughout the rest of the narrative. Here are some of my favorites: Some owl species can turn their heads up to 270° around. They have double the neck vertebrae we do and improved vascularization (don’t want to cut off blood supply to the brain!) to allow them to do so. The snowy owl can change its feather colors to blend in with the season. Some species communicate with other owls with their hoots to mark their territory. Some species have large facial disks around their eyes that act like satellite dishes directing sounds to their ears. Those are just some of the fun facts I learned. If you have or know of a child who has more than the average interest in animals (or in particular, owls) and would like to encourage nerdy fascination and curiosity, pick up this book and share it with her or him. You will undoubtedly both enjoy it!

    I received a free digital copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.

  6. Natasha G

    This was such a fun, educational, and interactive book about owls. The author did a wonderful job relating the history and facts, among other things, regarding this intriguing animal.

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