Pandas: The Ultimate Panda Book for Kids

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Discover over 100 incredible panda facts, gorgeous hi-res photos, and a fun word search and quiz, which will keep panda-loving kids entertained for hours while learning about these amazing creatures.

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  • Suitable for readers aged 9+


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Jenny Kellett

Jenny Kellett was born in the UK but has spent the last 20 years in Australia. Her background as a journalist and her studies in geography are the inspiration behind her popular series of non-fiction books for children and adults. Learn more about your favourite topics, from cats and sloths to motivational quotes and mindfulness in a fun and interactive way.

Engaging book for children (and adults) about Pandas. Fascinating facts that hold a child's interest. Great educational book.

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Get ready to dive into the exciting world of pandas with The Ultimate Panda Book for Kids! Written by best-selling author Jenny Kellett, this interactive book is packed with over 100 amazing panda facts that kids and adults alike will love. Plus, with gorgeous hi-res photos and a fun BONUS word search available in the print version, you’ll be completely immersed in the world of these magnificent creatures.

But that’s not all! In this book, you’ll learn not only about the famous Giant Panda, but also about the adorable Red Panda. And to test your panda knowledge, there’s a panda quiz included at the end.

Panda Facts Sample

Did you know…?

  • A panda mother is 800 times the size of her newborn cub!
  • If you hear a mother panda tweeting like a bird, she may be anxious that her cubs are in danger.
  • Pandas have six toes! This extra thumb helps them to mold bamboo into an easier-to-eat shape.

You’ll find these facts and many more in this illustrated book for kids. With 20+ stunning panda pictures, even early readers will enjoy The Ultimate Panda Book for Kids— as well as adults! Get your copy of The Ultimate Panda Book for Kids today and start learning about these amazing creatures.

Before you go, why not check out the panda’s bamboo-eating friend in The Ultimate Red Panda Book?

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  1. Donna

    Great book for kids. Perfect for my son’s school project.

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