My First Red Panda Book for Kids 3-5

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Discover the Adorable World of Red Pandas with ‘My First Red Panda Book’ for kids 3-5!

  • Available in paperback and eBook
  • 32 pages
  • Ages 3-5 years
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Jenny Kellett

Jenny Kellett was born in the UK but has spent the last 20 years in Australia. Her background as a journalist and her studies in geography are the inspiration behind her popular series of non-fiction books for children and adults. Learn more about your favourite topics, from cats and sloths to motivational quotes and mindfulness in a fun and interactive way.


My First Red Panda Book for Kids 3-5 Years

Discover the Adorable World of Red Pandas with ‘My First Red Panda Book’ for kids 3-5! 🐾📚

Dive into the enchanting forests of Asia and meet Rosy, the lovable red panda! Perfect for children aged 3-5, this delightful picture book is packed with fun facts, vibrant photos, and interactive activities that will captivate young minds.

What’s Inside this Red Panda Book for Kids?

Engaging Fun FactsLearn all about red pandas, from their bushy tails to their favorite foods.

Interactive Adventures: Join Rosy in exciting activities like counting stripes, finding bamboo, and drawing maps.

• Beautiful Photos: Stunning, high-quality images bring the story to life, making learning fun and visual.

• Interactive Play: Encourage your child’s participation with questions and games on every page.

Red Panda Expert Certificate

At the end of the book, kids can earn their very own Red Panda Expert Certificate!

Parents will love how this book combines education and entertainment, fostering a love for reading and nature in their little ones. Perfect for bedtime stories, classroom reading, or a fun afternoon activity.

Make learning a wild adventure with My First Red Panda Book for Kids 3-5! Get your copy today and let the exploration begin!

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About the Author

Jenny Kellett, a former journalist turned trainee zookeeper and conservation enthusiast, brings her passion for animals and education to her first book for 3-5-year-olds. Following the success of her popular series of animal books for kids aged 9-12, Jenny continues to inspire young minds with her engaging storytelling and vivid imagery. Originally from Australia, she now lives in Spain with her cats and husband. Jenny holds a master’s degree in Geographical Information Systems and enjoys language learning, spending time outdoors, and sharing adventures with her family and animals.

15 reviews for My First Red Panda Book for Kids 3-5

  1. Damani G

    A perfect book for 3-5 years to learn about red pandas. Plenty of cute photographs and trivia about these fascinating animals.

  2. BloomingLovely

    Delightful book. Perfect for young kids, superb photos, with interesting facts and interactive content. Recommended.

  3. Kris F

    My toddler is always go go go but My First Red Panda Book was a true page turner. It had all the points of a good educational video without the screen time. Moments of review, searching, counting, etc. The real red panda photography is so pretty. My daughter liked the end and tells people she’s a red panda expert. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

  4. Dana tsygelman

    “My First Red Panda Book: Discover and Learn” is a delightful gem for young readers. The vibrant photos and fun facts about red pandas make learning an exciting adventure. What sets this book apart are the interactive activities, like counting stripes and drawing maps, which keep children engaged and actively learning. The inclusion of a Red Panda Expert Certificate adds an extra layer of excitement and accomplishment for kids. The book’s mix of education and entertainment makes it a perfect addition to any child’s bookshelf. Highly recommended for fostering curiosity and a love for animals!

  5. Yuval

    “My First Red Panda Book” is a hit with my 4-year-old! The fun facts about red pandas, combined with vibrant photos, make learning exciting. The interactive activities like counting stripes and drawing maps kept my child engaged. The book also includes a Red Panda Expert Certificate, which added extra fun. It’s a perfect mix of education and entertainment, making it an excellent choice for young readers. Highly recommended for any child’s bookshelf!

  6. JS

    This is a delightful introduction to Red Pandas for children. I appreciated how it didn’t just state random fun-facts, but asked questions that encouraged interaction and engagement. This approach enhances learning and retention of new information! The illustrations are clear, cute, and vibrant, making it a wonderful resource for children.

  7. Martin Swanzey

    A wonderful book! Perfect for my kids. The images and graphics are vibrant and creative. I love the interactive qualities of the book, like helping the red panda find its way home and answering questions that engage the mind and all five senses. The images of the red panda in its natural environment are adorable. The book also provides important information about protecting red pandas through responsible, sustainable practices.

  8. Deb T

    Inside this beautifully illustrated book, you will find engaging fun facts, Interactive adventures, and interactive play. It is fun and educational, and children will love the activities included in the book. Parents will love watching their children engage in counting, answering questions, and more.

  9. N2h20

    This engaging introduction to red pandas is perfect for children, combining clear, vibrant illustrations with interactive questions that enhance learning and retention. With its activity book style, the extraordinary photos and delightful approach ensure kids will have fun while learning about these fascinating animals.

  10. J. Jarvis

    The different activities keep the reader engaged while they are learning about the cute red panda. Never knew they were loners. I also found this book unique that it tested what they learned at the end and gave them a nice little certificate. Great job, author.

  11. Marie Reads

    This book is perfect for the youngest readers! It’s fun, colorfully illustrated and educational. As an adult, I learned a lot about red pandas as well.

  12. Listen Girl 58

    Teaching little ones in a fun but educational way is best achieved with a great book like this. Lots of relatable information about the gorgeous red panda with glorious photos and activities as well. Perfect purchase.

  13. Dr D Jinks

    A beautifully presented book on Red Panda’s for my daughter who loved every moment with this book. The images are great and the sentences are well written. Would recommend.

  14. Ryan Milligan

    Love how this book is written and put together. Lots of fun facts about red pandas, complemented by activities that teach about colors, counting and more. Perfect for younger readers.

  15. Tigger123

    This is a cute and educational book about Red Pandas. It is fun, interactive, and quite enjoyable to read!

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