The Ultimate Rhino Book for Kids


Is your child with rhinos? Then they’ll love learning more about their favourite mammal in Rhinos: The Ultimate Rhino Book for Kids!

  • Ages 9+
  • Paperback, Hardcover and Ebook
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Jenny Kellett

Jenny Kellett was born in the UK but has spent the last 20 years in Australia. Her background as a journalist and her studies in geography are the inspiration behind her popular series of non-fiction books for children and adults. Learn more about your favourite topics, from cats and sloths to motivational quotes and mindfulness in a fun and interactive way.

Did you know a group of rhinos is called a crash? I didn't either, but I do now. How great is that for a name for rhinos? This book is everything you ever wanted to know about rhinos complete with full color pictures. It's aimed at older children (7ish and up), but I think that's great because it allowed for some great information to be included.

Katherine — Amazon Verified Review


Is your child with rhinos? Then they’ll love learning more about their favourite mammal in Rhinos: The Ultimate Rhino Book for Kids!

Featuring over 100 exciting rhino facts illustrated with beautiful hi-res photos and a fun quiz and puzzles, this interactive book is perfect for rhino-loving readers aged 9+.

Topics include:

  • Rhino Characteristics
  • The Daily Lives of Rhinos
  • Birth to adulthood
  • Rhino Species
  • Rhino Conservation
  • And more…

The content is challenging enough for curious learners, while the visual imagery brings the more complex concepts to life, making it suitable for earlier readers with adult supervision.

Rhino facts sample:

  • The word rhinoceros comes from two Greek words: rhino, meaning nose and ceros meaning horn.
  • There are five species of rhinoceroses—two live in Africa and the other three live in Asia.
  • You can tell the two rhinos apart by the shape of their lips—the black rhino has a pointed, or hooked, lip, while the white rhino has a much wider lip.
  • The rhino’s horn is made entirely of keratin—the same substance that our hair and nails are made of.

After learning exciting facts about rhinoceroses, children can test their knowledge in the quizzes and puzzles at the end.

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Learn more about your favourite giant mammal in the Ultimate Rhino Book for Kids. 100+ rhino facts, photos, quizzes and more.

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