The Ultimate Wolf Book for Kids


Dive into the fascinating world of wolves in this interactive book for kids aged 9-12.

  • Paperback, hardcover and ebook formats
  • 100+ fun facts
  • Fun quiz and word search puzzle
  • Vivid photos and illustrations


The Ultimate Wolf Book for Kids Aged 9+

Do your kids love wolves? Dive into ‘The Ultimate Wolf Book for Kids‘ and join a wild ride into the world of these fascinating creatures! Did you know that wolves have a special layer of fur that keeps them warm even in sub-zero temperatures? Or that each wolf in a pack has a unique howl, just like a human fingerprint?

Inside the Book:

  • Mysterious Predators: Uncover the secrets of their survival, hunting tactics, and pack life.
  • Engaging Activities: Quizzes, fun facts, and a word search to test their knowledge and keep learning fun.
  • Vibrant Visuals: Beautiful, full-color photographs that will captivate and educate.
  • Conservation Focus: Learn why wolves are essential to the environment and how we can help protect them.

Did you know?

  • Each wolf pack has its own howling language, which members can recognize even at a distance.

  • Wolves’ fur is a great insulator; it’s so effective that snow won’t melt on their coat, even if they lie still for hours.

  • Once wolves choose a mating partner, they will usually stay with them for the rest of their lives.

  • When wolf pups are born, they’re not able to see or hear, and they depend on their mother’s warmth and milk.

Perfect for young nature enthusiasts aged 9+ eager to learn about the wild world around them, this book by Jenny Kellett is a must-have for any child with a passion for wildlife. Get ready to howl with delight with ‘The Ultimate Wolf Book for Kids‘! Order your copy today.

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