Sci-Fi Short Stories: Easy English

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Improve your English the fun way with “Easy English Sci-Fi Short Stories”. 

  • Graded Reader for upper beginner – lower intermediate (A2-B1/2 CEFR Level)
  • 103 Pages
  • Paperback, Hardcover and Ebook

United Kingdom

Jenny Goldmann

Jenny Goldmann is a lifelong language learner and published author. She speaks three languages, and is currently studying her fourth. Her new series of easy language readers are designed to offer learners stories based on topics they love.


“Learn English with Sci-Fi Short Stories”

Improve your English the fun way with easy English short stories with an intergalactic sci-fi twist. Embark on an exciting journey through time and space with this unique collection of stories designed specifically for English learners at the upper beginner to intermediate level (A2-B1 on the CEFR scale), who want to embark on an exciting journey through time and space.

With ten captivating tales, this book weaves together exciting worlds of futuristic landscapes, incredible technologies, and timeless human emotions. Author Jenny Goldmann simplifies complex sci-fi themes into engaging narratives that cater to those looking to enhance their English skills.

Sci-Fi Short Stories Features:

  • 10 Engaging Stories: From interstellar exploration to ethical dilemmas with advanced technologies, these stories cover a wide range of sci-fi themes, providing something for everyone’s taste and suitable for all ages.
  • Designed for Learning: Carefully crafted for learners at the A2-B1 level, the language used is simple yet immersive, aiding in comprehension and vocabulary building.
  • Quizzes after Each Story: Test your understanding and retention with a fun quiz tailored to each story. A perfect way to reinforce what you’ve learned.
  • Glossary of Difficult Terms: No need to struggle with challenging vocabulary. Each story includes a handy glossary that breaks down the meaning of difficult terms.
  • Discussion Questions: Dive deeper into the themes, characters, and plot with thought-provoking discussion questions that encourage critical thinking and improve language skills.

Story learning is becoming one of the most popular ways to improve your language skills. And while you have lots of options out there, many are written for young children. Our new English Language Readers series is designed to be exciting for all ages.

“Easy English Sci-Fi Short Stories” is more than just a book. It’s a ticket to a world of excitement and a tool to transform your English learning journey. Whether you’re a sci-fi enthusiast or new to the genre, this collection promises a captivating reading experience that educates and entertains.

Grab your copy today and take a step into the future of English learning.

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6 reviews for Sci-Fi Short Stories: Easy English

  1. Wendy B

    Jenny Goldman’s Easy English Sci-fi stories give the reader a fun way to practice their language skills. Geared toward readers who are learning English as a second language, this book gives ten stores which are all around a sci-fi theme. Each story has some words that might be new or challenging to the reader. These words are given as a list of vocabulary with definitions after the story. There are also reading comprehension questions and further discussion questions. Each short story would be appropriate for a 1 hour one on one English tutoring session for an intermediate student. Jenny Goldman also offers other books in the series, with similar structure, for continued learning.

  2. David D MCcray

    It might have been written for kids, but they were interesting stories I think adults could enjoy. A very interesting and fast read. I could recommend for anyone interested in sci-fi. The book was well set up for readers to learn new words.

  3. Antoine

    Another book from Jenny Goldmann that I loved. I read the romance short stories first, but sci-fi is really my favorite genre so i was so excited when she released this book. so good!

  4. MontyLLL

    I like it a lot

  5. Olle92

    My favorite book in the series so far

  6. Sofia

    I really liked the book, because it was the right level for me (B1), but maybe sci-fi isn’t my favorite genre jajaj. Still good though

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